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Zelda Corrected

Ecrit par Clare Sweeney en 2003

Chapter 1

My name is Zelda. I live in a small, little house in a small, little town with little woods behind it. They seemed normal, the typical woods a 20 year old would have in her backyard. But I knew there was a secret - I just didn't know what it was.
Once, I got too curious about it. I went into the woods. All of a sudden, something happened. I just - well, blacked out. I awoke to strange music. It sounded like music from an ocarina. It was familiar, like I had heard it before. It sounded like "Zelda" music, from the video game.

Chapter 2

I opened my eyes and was amazed at what I saw. A young man, about my age, was playing the ocarina. He wore a green tunic and he wielded a sword and a shield. He realized I was awake. What would he do? He stopped playing his instrument and gently smiled. "You are awake", he said. "Zelda." Wait a minute! Had he mistaken me for somebody else? He was talking about the princess from the game. This was Link!
Once I was sure he wasn't going to hurt me, I said, "Where the heck am I?"
- "You are in the Kokeri forest."
- "In Hyrule, right?" I supposed if he thought I was Zelda, I had to be in Hyrule.
- "Yes, in Hyrule, but why didn't you know that, Princess? You are the leader of it, after all!"
- "Yes, whatever, but what am I doing here?"
- "I found you in the Lost Woods. You are lucky Princess Zelda, because Ganondorf is after you again. He would have gotten you AGAIN."
- "Why?"
- "Enough with the questions."

Chapter 3

No question about it, I was Princess Zelda. Link asked me what the heck I was wearing and made me put on one of his tunics. It was red, and there was a small sword, more like a dagger than a sword.
- "Here, put this one - and keep the sword - you'll need it."
Okay! If I'm the princess, why is he telling me what to do, right? Oh well, at least I get a sword.

Chapter 4

The adventure really began when we walked out of the house. Wow - these Kokeri people were very small. The forest was a perfect hue of green, not one dying leaf. It was like rainforest. Although Link was an adult, he still lived here. Link yelled to all of the town's kids.
- "Here is Princess Zelda!"
All of the kids "oooohed" and "aahhhed". "She's so pretty, even in a tunic." I heard one little girl say, "Yeah". It was the leader of the Kokeri.
She could come with me... "Link! Give the girl to me!"
- "No way!" Link ran out of the forest, me on his back (for some odd reason). I think it was for protection. When we were on the Hyrule Trail, he stopped and let me off his back. "Be careful," he said. "There are lots of monsters here." Just as he finished saying that, a huge plant came out of the ground. "Get ready to fight, Zelda, but get behind me first." I went behind him. "Hurry!" The plant came closer. "RUN!" Link yelled. So I ran. Then came night-time. We were halfway on the trail, and there was a large ranch - Wonlon Ranch. "We will stay here for the night," Link stated.
We walked up to the path, and knocked on the door of the house.
Creak! Creak! Someone was coming to the door. "Hello," a young woman answered the door. "Prin... Prin... Princess Zelda?" Link nudged me.
- "Can we stay?"
- "Of course, Zelda, anything for you." She suddenly stopped, "Umm, do you... mind... horses?"
- "No, why?"
- "You may have to sleep with a few. Oh, and cows, too!"
- "That's okay, I guess."
Moo! Cock-a-doodle-do! Neigh! The young woman came in the horse stall and brought us breakfast - ham and eggs. "You may come in the house. And take that ugly manly tunic off!" She handed me a dress. The dress was yellowish, kind of off white. "Put this on. You can keep the sword."
- "Thank you." It actually looked nice.

Chapter 5

Maybe I was Princess Zelda. It was morning, and we had to get going. We started on the trail again. We were almost there. Boom! Boom! A dark man came out of the Town of Hyrule. He chuckled and flew away. We ran into the town. It was destroyed almost completely. The Happy Mask Shop's roof was off. Nobody was there.
- "Oh no." Link was very upset. "What happened? We have to look in the Temple of Time." I suddenly became as upset as he was. "We have to check the castle!" Link and I ran to the temple. The tri-force was gone.
- "Ha! Ha! Ha!" We heard a laugh. All of a sudden, a diamond, a force field appeared around me. I drew my sword, and hit the diamond repeatedly. It would not break. The man lifted me up, and brought me somewhere. But I was in the castle. As I was in the castle, I saw Ganon teleport Link somewhere. I was brought to the castle, which was now dark. It was pure black. It seemed to have a strange aura, like a haunted house of some sort. "Ha! Ha! I have got you now! Give me the tri-force, Princess!"
- "Link! What did you do to him?"
- "He must defeat three bosses to get to the town. Until then, you're mine!" He lifted me up into the air, and suspended me into the air, on the ceiling. "Now you're my decoration. Try getting out of this!"
Wait, what's this? I reached into my pocket and pulled out the ocarina of Time. "Ok, maybe I can play this," I said to myself. I played the flute before, this should be easy, I thought. I put the instrument to my mouth, and played Zelda's theme. I had remembered it from my game I played where I was right now. Ganon reacted oddly to the song, like it had good magic. All of a sudden, the diamond broke, sending me flying. I landed right in Ganon's arms, exactly where I didn't want to be just then. I took the Kokeri sword and hit him with it. His armor was too tough, so it barely even hurt him.

- "Zelda, Zelda, Zelda... you belong with me," he said. "Zel... owww!" I had kicked his shin, and run at the door. "You WILL be back!" I kept on running and yelled for help. I looked behind me. He was catching up to me! "Help, please!"
All of the running paid off, for I got away. I ran to a strange town, Kakariko village. It was a larger town than Kokeri. All of the townspeople were there, and one of them looked at me and yelled, "Zelda! You're all right! You made it!" I looked around and finally I found who had said this. It was the leader of the Kakariko village, Sombay. "There are more people here now than there ever were before." She seemed very unhappy. "I think this is my fault," I admitted. "After all, he is after me."
All of a sudden, the diamond appeared around me, and this time, I dropped my ocarina. Sombay picked it up and played something on it. "Please work, please work," I thought to myself. The diamond shattered and I fell. Sombay caught me.
- "Are you okay?"
- "I guess." KABOOM! "What was that?" I asked.
- "Death Mountain, but I don't know why it's been acting up all of a sudden. It's odd when you think about it, when you..." KABOOM! The ground started shaking.
- "Maybe we should get in a house," I suggested, so we ran into a house. Looking out the window, I said, "I should probably go up there and see what is going on."
- "No," was all she said. "It's getting late. We should probably get to sleep." She let me sleep in her bed, and she slept on the floor.
In the morning, I had to leave. "Bye." As I realized I needed Link to defeat my enemy, I started searching for him. "Oh, please, let me find him, please," I thought to myself. The first stop would be Kokeri Forest, just as long as that leader didn't try to take me again.
So, I started my journey across Hyrule field. It was before dawn, and the sun was not up yet. Then, a small skeleton appeared. I drew my sword and hit it. Its head fell right off, and then it fell apart. "Ha!" I yelled. The sun was out now and I was halfway there! "Come on, hurry there! Come on!" I thought to myself. "Get there! I'm so slow!" I yelled. After saying that, I got there. "Yes!" Then I saw Link. He looked sad. But then, he saw me.
- "Zelda! You... you're here!" He ran to me and hugged me. "How did you do it? How did you get out?"
- "I played your ocarina - here you go. I played a song. Then, the leader of the Kokeri saw me and he sent his fairy after me. Okay, I felt bad about it, but I flicked her out of the way. Link, we have to go back to the castle. Hyrule needs to be saved. We must do something about it." Link looked at me.
- "Let's go then, Princess." It seemed as though I had fallen deeply in love, for I had that one special feeling you get when you fall in love. When I was twelve, I always used to play the game "Zelda, the Ocarina of Time" and now, I was in the game. Wow! What are the chances of that happening? While we were on Hyrule field, we stopped at Lon-Lon Ranch again. We got a horse named Epona. She was orangey-brown with a beautiful blaze on her forehead and she was a good ride. When we made it to the Hyrule Town, Link carried me on his back again. He told me to stay there and to be careful. He said, "Stay with me and keep a close eye out for anything that looks suspicious." I was nervous, afraid that the King of Evil would capture me again. But all of that was in vain, for it happened anyway. It was up to Link now.
Link and I went into the Temple of Time. Ganondorf did not appear. He had the first two parts of the tri-force. If he got his hands on the final piece, Hyrule would have to bow to him. There was nothing to see in the temple. "Let's go. Nothing to do here but look at where the tri-force piece was." Just as we started walking out the door, we heard a loud laugh - a very familiar laugh like... like... GANON'S! A force field (much like the diamonds) appeared in front of the door.
- "Where do you think you are going, Zelda, Link? I missed you, gone for so long. Why?" Just then, ANOTHER diamond appeared around me.
- "Zelda, not again!" yelled Link.
- "Yeah," I yelled. "Save me!" Once again, I was teleported to the chamber where I had been prisoner the second day I had arrived. I struggled in the diamond for a while, and finally decided. It was useless. Ganondorf had grabbed the Ocarina of Time, my only hope of escape. It was gone. Over. He was going to get the final piece of the tri-force. He was going to be the King of Hyrule, and I his slave. It was over. He had won.
He lowered my diamond, and said, "You were right to give up, Princess. I am the King!" After that, he started using his dark energy to start taking the tri-force from me. All of a sudden, a glowing magical arrow flew and hit Ganondorf.
- "Who dares challenge me?" screamed Ganondorf, kneeling in pain.
- "I will risk my life for Zelda!" yelled somebody, probably the one who had hit Ganondorf. I looked where the voice seemed to come from. It was Link! Hope was restored.
- "Link! Over here! Help!" I tried to yell to him. He looked at me, and I was sure he had heard me.
- "I'll help you! Don't give up hope! Stay with it!" It was hard to hear, but it gave me my hope back. Ganondorf lifted me up again, so Link could not reach me. I guess I would just have to watch the battle from up here. Good view, but I wish I weren't trapped in a diamond.
Link and Ganondorf got locked in a battle of epic proportions. Link took a nice jab at Ganondorf, but it was no use. He dodged it and hit Link with a blast of energy. Link looked hurt. Then Ganondorf threw another ball of energy at Link. Link hit it back toward Ganondorf and hit him with it. Link hit him with another glowing arrow. Then, Link hit him with a larger sword than he had before. He could not use his shield while using this sword. The sword was huge and powerful.
Ganondorf looked injured from the hard blow, but then got up. He gathered a lot of energy and threw it at Link. Link drew his sword. The energy bounced off of it and hit Ganondorf again. This blow was stronger that the last and Ganondorf was knocked right out of the air. He was unconscious, so Link hit him with the rest of his arrows then hit him five times with the big sword. Ganondorf suddenly became conscious again, and started coughing up green blood. He laughed and yelled, "Heh... heh... heh! Good bye!" and appeared to be dead.
All of a sudden, my diamond broke and I started falling. Link caught me and yelled, "Run!" The castle started shaking and falling apart. Link and I went down the first flight of stairs, and then two more. We ended up outside, and there were evil mummies, Gibdos waiting. They grabbed me and would not let go. Link used his sword and killed the monsters. As my captor died, it let go of me and I fell into Link's arms. I looked up at him and gently smiled. He then put me down.
- "Are you okay?" he asked.
- "I guess." The castle was crumbling quickly. "We have to hurry!" I yelled over the explosions. Then we ran down the last set of stairs and got to the front hallway. We ran out the door. Right when we got out, the entire dark castle completely collapsed. Dust made the air heavy and made it hard to breathe. I jumped into Link's arms.
- "We did it! I mean, you did it. You saved me! Uummm... thanks... for everything!" The moment after we let go, I saw a familiar shadow. My smile faded. I could see that Link's had, too.
- "Zelda... get... back. I don't want you hurt again."
So I got behind him. The shadow landed right in front of Link. I crouched down so I wouldn't get hurt.
- "You didn't think that I would be defeated THAT easily, did you? Heh... heh... heh." All of a sudden, Ganondorf's voice became deeper. He turned into a huge, horrible monster. He looked like a huge hog. Don't let the look fool you. He also had two huge, jagged blades.
Ganondorf knocked the huge blade out of Link's hands and around us, it started on fire.
Link then equipped the Megaton Hammer, one of the ultimate weapons. I could not help Link. Link slammed the hammer on Ganon's tail. Ganon slashed Link with his blades.
- "Link, no!" I yelled. "That's it!" I jumped over the fire. Link was hurt horribly. I kicked Ganon's tail several times. He turned at me and tried to slash me. I went under his legs, took Link's hammer and hit Ganon's tail. Link then got back up and finished him off. Ganon turned into Ganondorf once again. The flames were put out. I jumped into Link's arms once again. We returned the tri-force to its rightful resting place, in the Temple of Time. The tri-force sealed Ganondorf inside of it for eternity. Link handed the ocarina to me. He had grabbed it on the way out of the castle. I played the ocarina one more time and a bluish light appeared around me, closing in...
I then found myself in my house. I still had the ocarina and everything else. That night, I decided to get my N-64 out and once again defeat the unspeakable evil. I remember the experience to this very day, and sometimes, if I look out my back window, I can see Link visiting me to thank me for the help. Once in a while, I go back into the woods. But nothing has happened... yet!


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